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Quoting and Proposal Generation
   Available through Dali and Jan by emailing

Competitive Rate Adjustment Factors
   Delivered to you from our office following carrier underwriting review.

Thorough scrubbing of outstanding health information
   We will scrub every case and assist with follow-up in obtaining missing
   information; we will discuss your case with our underwriting team in order
   to obtain best possible risk factor based on the health history of your group.

An easy, no-hassle enrollment process
   RBG sales and support staff are available at all levels for the enrollment
   process with your customer.

Temporary IDs and access to other pertinent contact and service information
   We will help you by providing the tools/resources for your group administrator.

Employer Visits
   Your RBG sales representative will accompany you to the employer site for the
   enrollment process, employee benefit meetings, employer renewal review and 
   more.  You can use us as little or as much as you choose in your effort to provide
   quality service to your customers.

Employer / Employee Education
   Your RBG sales representative is available to assist you in educating the  
   employer, group administrator, employees at each respective level to better
   understand and accurately make use of their health plan and tools available.

Accessible and knowledgeable service representatives throughout the year
   Monday through Fridays 8:00-4:30 Central Standard Time.

Timely Renewal Assistance
   Our dedicated renewal team is ready to work with you for the best placement
   for your customer at their time of renewal.