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  • Our QUOTING SERVICES are FAST and FREE. Why tie up your selling time or the servicing time of your staff when there is another way to get a fast and accurate quote?

We do small and large group, so when in doubt, please ask.

  • Uncomfortable with a new product or quote? Our experienced Sales Representatives are available to assist you in the SALES PRESENTATION.
  • We provide complete ENROLLMENT MATERIALS - enrollment forms, benefit summaries, SBC's, just let us know what you need for your group and we will get you the most up to date forms.
  • Use our experienced ENROLLMENT SPECIALISTS. Cases are rarely tied up in just one meeting. Let us help you wrap up your cases and free you up to create more opportunities.
  • Our Enrollment Specialists are also available to assist with your RENEWAL MEETINGS* and any other renewal issues that may arise.

*Deadline dates apply - please schedule your meeting accordingly.

  • We SCRUB YOUR CASES for you and work directly with the underwriters. We also send your sold cases to the carrier via overnight mail - at our expense - to ensure timely receipt and have a method of tracking.
  • We INPUT your Humana cases DIRECTLY INTO HUMANA'S SYSTEM allowing for much faster turn around on new case installation.
  • If the group suddenly had a hiring frenzy, we are available to do INTERIM MEETINGS for the groups of new hires. We can also do mid-year administrative meetings for new plan administrators.
  • Tired of 1-800 numbers? Our SERVICE SPECIALISTS provide timely and efficient service for a variety of needs such as, claims*, billing* and commission issues*.

*Please allow at least 24 hours for a status of your request. Claims requests may require a HIPAA release form prior to RBG involvement. It may take 2-3 days for the HIPAA form to be processed by the carrier.


The best part of what we do is that we come with no additional cost or overhead to you or your clients. We are an extra layer of support for FREE. You can't beat that.


And most of all....We put the FUN back into the group business!