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FAST AND ACCURATE QUOTING SERVICES. Why tie up your selling time or the servicing time of your staff when there is an easy way to obtain a reliable quote? 
Uncomfortable with a new product or quote? Our experienced Sales Representatives are available to assist you in the SALES PRESENTATION.
We provide complete ENROLLMENT MATERIALS wherever and whenever you need it, Hand Delivery or UPS.  Don't use your time, paper and toner to put together your enrollment materials, that is what RBG, your back office, is for.  It's a service we gladly provide.
Enrollment Specialists are available to assist with your RENEWAL MEETINGS and any other renewal needs that may arise.  Let us customize a package plan for your clients that will save them money and allow them to offer competitive options to their employees.
We SCRUB YOUR CASES for you and work directly with underwriters.  We also send your sold cases to the carrier at our expense to ensure timely receipt and have a method of tracking.  Once the case is approved, you will receive copies of the case for your files.
Tired of voice mail and 1-800 numbers?  Our IN-HOUSE SERVICE SPECIALISTS provide timely and efficient services for a variety of needs such as pre-underwriting questions, claims*, enrollment, billing and commission issues. (*Claims assistance is subject HIPAA regulations and limitations.)
Phone: 904-399-4059
Toll Free: 800-476-4377