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Get fast, accurate, multi-carrier quotes in customizable formats.  Please submit your request to our quoting team,

Easy, no-hassle Online Enrollment Tools

The Chicago RBG team is available to assist your client and their employees with the enrollment process.  Please call us for more information on enrolling your group in EasyApps or FormFire OR you can select the EASYAPPS or FORMFIRE tab just to the left and review the online demo now. 

For those that are familiar with the process, please submit your completed Implementation Sheet and excel census to Allison Marinellie, and Niti Patel,

Underwriting/New business processing 

We understand that we are not just pushing paper; it’s your paycheck.  We will review every case thoroughly and support you in obtaining missing information.  We will discuss your case with our underwriting team in order to obtain best possible risk factor based on the health history of your group.  Please submit your prescreen request or sold case to

Licensing and Commissions

We will ensure the proper licensing requirements are met upon submission of every sold case.  For licensing & appointment forms, please click on the Forms tab on the left and scroll to the broker forms.

Employer/Employee Education

Your RBG or carrier sales representative will accompany you to the employer site for the enrollment process, employee benefit meetings and more.  You can use us as little or as much as you choose in your effort to provide quality service to your customers.


Customer Service

We will assist with administration kits, ID cards, as well as billing and commissions issues.  Our staff is available to you year round Monday through Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Central Standard Time or submit your service issue to


At RBG we recognize that the renewal process is just as important as the new business process.  Our team of renewal specialists will provide you with the renewals for all of your inforce business as soon as they are available from the carrier.  We will assist you in negotiating the renewal with the current carrier or shop the group where it makes sense.

Please submit any alternate quote request and/or plan change requests to