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Rogers Benefit Group, Inc. and its predecessors have been prominent in the group insurance arena for over sixty years. As a general agent, we have represented leading insurers of group life, health and disability coverages to agents who now service over 40,000 small and middle market clients.

Our continuing role is helping those agents and their employer customers design appropriate and affordable benefit plans, carefully explaining the plans to the employees and then providing critical and competent follow up service to the agent and insureds.

This website supports our mission by providing vital connections to the insurance companies we represent and a directory of our capable professional staff. Here you'll find material and forms needed to educate, sell, enroll and service firms and their employees.

Our founder Pat Rogers
About RBG Atlanta
Our mission at Rogers Benefit Group is to help our agents solve their clients' employee benefit problems. We represent some of the finest carriers remaining in the business today. However, good carriers alone are not enough. They are only the tools that the skilled professionals at RBG use to create solutions to these difficult employee benefit problems. The RBG staff are in constant contact with each carrier and are keenly aware of their evolving strengths, weaknesses, underwriting requirements, product changes, and strategic direction. The carrier with the best solution may change in a heartbeat. Without this timely knowledge, an opportunity and a client may be lost. The blending of great insurance carriers in concert with the advice of the skilled and seasoned experts at RBG will assure a successful solution to even your most difficult employee benefit problems.